Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Interpersonal skills - room for improvement?

Whether it's verbal communication, body language, problem solving or listening skills, all of us could probably improve our interpersonal skills.  

Perhaps we are busy thinking about a response instead of listening to a speaker, maybe we don't get our message across to others in the way that we hoped to.  By understanding how to structure our time, ideas and speech as well recognising signals from the others around us, we can address our skills gaps and have more successful working and personal relationships. How..?

  • Employers often look for staff with strong interpersonal skills,so that they appoint staff who can work well in a team as well as alone, can communicate well with customers and colleagues and are confident enough to demonstrate initiative and contribute to the organisation;
  • People who have good interpersonal skills are often easy to be around - they may appear confident, cheerful and positive and able to communicate on many levels, both personally and professionally;
  • Good leadership, whether at home, at work or in a social setting, means good communication, effective decision making, listening, empathising and understanding.
To find out how good your Interpersonal Skills are visit the SkillsYouNeed website and try the SkillsYouNeed Interpersonal Skills Self-Assessment Questionnaire

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